19 maj 2009

Mercur - opfoer dig ordentligt!

Jeg har lige haeldt en hel kop Caffe Latte ned ad mig, min kollegas computer og ud over gulvtaeppet! Jeg synes godt snart mercur maa gaa hjem paa vandte graesgange igen, for som tvilling, med jomfruen som ascendant kan "Mercury retrograde" godt vaere lidt af en proevelse! Nogle mennesker er klodsede af natur. Det er ikke noget der plager mig, undtagen naar planeterne ikke kan opfoere sig ordentligt. Mercur - opfoer dig ordentligt!


Mercury Retrograde through the Signs - May 7 to 30, 2009

Some people are more sensitive to Mercury retrograde cycles than others. Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo natives are likely to be particularly sensitive to the effects of Mercury Retrograde in general. This applies to anyone who has a number of planets in either sign. Also, check to see where Gemini and Virgo are found in your natal chart. If Virgo is on the third house cusp, for example, (which is often the case for Cancer Ascendant natives) communication issues may be especially strong. If either of these signs is on the fifth house, then we can expect some communication problems with people associated with the fifth house - lovers and children, for example.

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